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> In contrast, hatchery fish are coddled from day one. They are fed processed
> salmon feed that, to the fish, just magically appears on the surface. They
> are raised in big concrete raceways. So when they are released into the
> wild, they are easy pickings to predators and other natural hazards.

I understand that hatchery fish are not subject to the things that teach wild
fish but wouldn't first generation fry from captive bred but wild caught fish
be the same as fish that bred in the wild? Wouldn't a few generations of
captivity be necessary to bring down the survival skills of the fry to
significantly lower levels than wild fish? I can see how several generations of breeding
fish that never had to learn survival skills would bring down the over all
survival skills of all the fry but not how just being spawned in captivity would
do it in one generation. maybe this is a better way to get across what I am
trying to say.
       If two fish were caught from the wild and spawned would their fry be
the same in survival skills as the fry of the same two fish would be if they
were released back into the wild and spawned again?


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