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> These emerging contaminants were hard to detect without the finely tuned
> equipment developed recently. The first nationwide survey, conducted in 1999
> and 2000, found hormones in about 37 percent of the streams surveyed and
> caffeine in more than half.

I read a study, from England I think, that showed the water there was
significantly polluted with prozac. Possibly a good dose of prozac could solve the
snakehead problem? It might calm them down and hinder their sex drive! More to
the point we may be looking at the next wave of pollutants that are only coming
to light after the gross pollution of last century or more have been brought
under partial control. Well, maybe not control but at least we are more aware
of the problems and are making some progress towards solving them. Only now we
find a whole new set of problems waiting underneath the surface of the old.
In this case I wonder what the effects of this pollution may be having on
humans? How long have these effects been going on and is there anyway for us to
really escape this pollution. It is easy to blame industry for pollution but
humans have been polluting in some way since our genesis. The only real difference
until recently has been the scale of this pollution. Now we are seeing the
build up of chemicals that would have never been released in significant amounts
under any non industrial conditions. Many of these chemicals will be very
difficult if not impossible to control. The fall of the Roman Empire has been
attributed, at least in part, by many to have been the result of poisoning of the
general population by lead. This lead came from a completely unexpected
source, their plumbing. The excellent plumbing systems of the Romans was
responsible in part to their great success by providing sanitary conditions to their
towns and cities and there by preventing out breaks of disease that plagued any
large group of people who tried to live together in that era. Can we be seeing
the beginnings of problems of our own? Are these substances we use to make our
lives healthier and more productive going to be part of a study of some
future civilization citing these chemicals as contributing to our own decline? I
have few if any answers but lots of questions.


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