NANFA-L-- (Cray-)fish traps

Subject: NANFA-L-- (Cray-)fish traps
From: Hoover, Jan J ERDC-EL-MS (Jan.J.Hoover at
Date: Fri Oct 15 2004 - 18:13:26 CDT

Fish collectors -
Not too long ago, I posted a blurb about a study of aquatic vertebrates done
in the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. The reference was:
Johnson, S.A. and W.J. Barichivich. 2004. A simple technique for trapping
Siren lacertina, Amphiuma means, and other aquatic vertebrates. J.
Freshwater Ecol. 19(2): 263-269.
Authors used commercially-produced crayfish traps lined with 5-mm plastic
mesh to catch 14 species of amphibians, 9 reptiles, 32 fishes.
We ordered some of these traps and tried them a couple of days ago in a
small Mississippi delta stream.
They caught everything we saw seining except for mosquitofish. We collected
warmouth, green sunfish, bluegill, black and yellow bullheads, flier AND
glass shrimp, siren, and three-toed amphiuma ! All fishes were perfect
sizes for small home aquaria. Despite dissolved oxygen levels < 1.0, all
animals were alive and frisky.
I think this type of trap offers several advantages over other types of
traps (e.g., commercially produced minnow traps, Breder traps):
- unrestricted circulation of water through the trap (no dead water)
- unimpeded movement of fish and herps within the trap (including access to
air and/or surface film )
- easy deployment and recovery (by a single individual)
- precision (micro-habitat specific) sampling
- non-destructive sampling of animals
- inconspicuous and easily concealed from vandals
This type of gear is perfect for native fish aquarists working in water that
is shallow (< 2.5 ft deep), densly vegetated or heavily wooded.
- Jan

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