NANFA-L-- Copyright law follow-up

Subject: NANFA-L-- Copyright law follow-up
From: Sajjad Lateef (sajjadlateef at
Date: Tue Oct 19 2004 - 09:16:45 CDT

During the time the NANFA list usage guidelines were being drawn up,
I did some reading of the US Copyright Law and its fair use clause.

It is pretty clear from the the above that it is best not
to send the entire text of the copyrighted article
(because we cannot conclusively prove that the NANFA mailing
list is for non-profit educational use). On the other hand,
Dr. McNeely's classroom use is well within the guidelines.

Per my understanding of 'Fair Use', a URL with a summary
written in your own words should be sent out.

The initial draft of the NANFA list usage guidelines was
written in a way to totally ban posting of articles, in any
shape or form. That, in my opinion, was quite silly.
I was pleased to read that a more moderate approach
(one which is consistent with US Copyright Law's Fair Use clause)
was decided upon for the final version of the NANFA list usage
guidelines. I did not participate in that discussion since I
was personally involved, having posted several news stories.

I encourage all list members to read the NANFA mailing list
guidelines and comply with them, so that everybody benefits
from a consistent approach.


ps: I am not a laywer, but, my great-grandfather was one
and I have some of his genes :)


Sajjad Lateef  e-mail: sajjadlateef AT yahoo DOT com

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