NANFA-L-- recent Ash Meadows trip

Subject: NANFA-L-- recent Ash Meadows trip
From: Peter Unmack (peter.lists at)
Date: Wed Oct 20 2004 - 00:03:47 CDT

G'day folks

The recent Ash Meadows trip was another great success with our attendees
having a great time. Attendance was a little smaller this trip, but it
worked out great with us splitting into three groups and fanning out
across Ash Meadows setting traps and pulling cattails. The weather was
perfect on Friday, while it got a little windier on Saturday. Friday
night Ellen cooked a delightful meal with some extra goodies provided by
Kaz. The refuge staff joined us for dinner too. I have put some pictures
from the trip online at the following address down near the bottom of the
page. When Ellen's pictures arrive
I'll add them in as well.

A total of 2837 exotics were removed. The break down of that number is
1532 gambusia, 389 molly, 81 convict cichlids, 313 crayfish, 520 bullfrog
tadpoles and 2 adult bullfrogs.

All in all exotic pops were down a little bit (refuge staff have been
working at trapping more regularly). Most of the spring pools we have
worked on regularly remained free of cattail, while Fairbanks needed about
a dozen plants pulled. We also did some additional clean up of cattails
at Kings Pool.

We'll look forward to seeing everyone again in the Spring!

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