NANFA-L-- Unfortunate coffee experience

Subject: NANFA-L-- Unfortunate coffee experience
From: Laura Burbage (leuhrich at
Date: Tue Oct 26 2004 - 08:30:58 CDT

So, there I was.

Sitting at the dining table, drinking my morning
coffee, cup 2. The dining table happens to be in our
living room, as are most of my tanks (read, tiny grad
student apartment with patient husband).

Watching my 3 long-eared sunfish (plus one dollar
sunfish) swim around.

When I notice that the largest of them has something

Upon closer inspection, it has what appears to be a
cestode (looped around itself twice) emerging from the
fish's anus like a bow.


So I grab the big fish parasite book, which is of no
help, since I can already guess it is a cestode. No
nice, identifying photo to help out.

So I wait, wondering when I should remove the fish to
isolate the little nasty thing. I'm guessing about
5cm are exposed, if I add it all up.

Then I look again, and it is gone. Dang.

I look thrice, and see remnants of it being toyed with
by the shiners.


So, I'm left wondering what to do, if anything. The
fish is acting fine. I know that at least some
cestodes need a separate host, but I don't tknow about
all. I also know that another of these sunfish showed
red lesions from what I think were metacerceae a few
months ago, which cleared up in a week and a half, and
I assumed died without their next host.

Any thoughts?


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