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Subject: Re: Fwd: Re: NANFA-L-- topics for discussion (fwd)
From: Peter Unmack (peter.lists at)
Date: Wed Sep 01 2004 - 14:35:22 CDT

> Being that that includes conservation, I suspect that some of the
> restriction on discussion will impede that part of the mission somewhat.
> Education about conservation is accomplished through discussion, and
> understanding of the laws and politics related to them is essential if
> conservation is to be accomplished.

Hopefully this is my last email on this subject, sorry to belabor things,
but I want to make sure things are a bit clearer. If people wish to post
on topics relating to fishes and conservation and politics it is ok as
long as they are kept respectful. We are not trying to cut out all
politics from the list, but just trying to make sure that things don't get
out of hand. I'm sure if people disagree with someone's post they can
respond without having things get vicious. If you can't, then send it to
them personally. We want this list to be as open as possible, but without
some of the personal squabbles that have happened in the past. Avoid
squabbles, and broadly keep things on topic and all will be fine.

The guidelines are simply that, guidelines. For the most part this list
will "police" itself just fine. If people think the list is getting too
off topic or out of control they should email someone on the bod with
their concerns and the bod will decide on whether to do something. No one
is going to get thrown off for one "bad" post. If someone deliberately
and repeatedly goes off track then bod action might be required. If you
are unsure of a topic that might be devisive send it to the bod first to
check. For the most part though the bod does not expect to have to
intervene in things (and really doesn't want to). I think that as long as
most folks are making an effort to minimize uneccessary noise things will
be just fine.

Peter Unmack
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