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> I'm 20 hours from South Florida, unfortunately. When I bought the sand, it
> turned out to be coarser than I expected, I think 1-3 Millimeters. Would the
> conch be irritated by this? Also, do you think it would be safe to have a
> very lage amount of caulerpa in the tank, my book says it is toxic and should be
> avoided, but says it is beneficial and puts vital nutrients
> in the water.
> Thanks,
> Andrew

I'm really not sure about the sand, I always liked the fine sand but yours
may be ok too. I've successfully used shell has which is bigger than what you
have. There are many different types/species of caulerpa, some are toxic others
are actually eaten as salad. I always liked a local type of Caulerpa
prolifera, It grows fast and will form a dense bed, it's soft and seems to prefer to
grow in sand so it is a little bit easier to keep off the rocks. We have at
least three different forms of Caulerpa prolifera here, the soft kind that grows
in thick beds in sand/mud, a harder type that grows across rocks in high
current areas and a leggy type that grows in deeper water. It is probably
environmental forms of the same species but I can't be sure. C. prolifera is the kind
with leaves that resemble wavy straps.


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