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A quick perusal of Scott and Crossman revealed these, some of which are among the most beautiful or morphologically and behaviorally interesting of fw fishes. Since Scott and Crossman is from the 70's and both systematics and common names have evolved, newer publications may be more accurate.

No experience keeping any of these from the far north, but some of them that have more southerly ranges are widely kept sculpins, sticklebacks), and some have contributed inportantly to fish science.

Good luck. BTW, Scott and Crossman should be available from a library near you.

arctic char, several species of _Coregonus_ (variously known as ciscos and whitefishes), _Prosopium_ (also called whitefish), arctic grayling, smelt, northern pike (grow large, of course), finescale dace, lake chub, longnose sucker, burbot (grows quite large), threespine stickleback, ninespine stickleback, trout-perch, mottled sculpin, slimy sculpin, spoonhead sculpi8n, deepwater sculpin.

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Subject: NANFA-L-- Northern fish.

> I have been reading lately about Arctic exploration (like John
> Franklin, "The
> man who ate his boots") and was wondering what sort of small
> freshwater fish
> live in Canada's far north. I am talking about the area around
> Great Bear
> Lake, Coppermine River, Great Fish River etc. Any that are
> suitible for a fish
> tank (with a chiller, of course)?
> Andrew

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