Re: NANFA-L-- America's national fish

Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- America's national fish
From: R. W. Wolff (choupiqu at
Date: Thu Sep 16 2004 - 22:53:13 CDT

> > My vote is for the Pumpkinseed sunfish. The "sunnie" that introduced
most of
> > us first to native fishes.

> The pumpkinseed is colorful
> (would look good on postage stamp), endemic to US, native or introduced to
> every state and therefore potentially familiar to the largest number of
> people, and a fish that's both fun to angle for and keep in the aquarium.

 I could go with that, even though I like the ancient monsters. Not only are
pumpkinseeds all over thanks to introductions in the U.S., they are widely
stocked around the world. I found a cool web site about them in a lake in
Italy. The guy was excited about catching them and bringing them home. It
sounded much the same as an American planning a trip to a lake that had some
oscars in it, or the like. I just thought that was interesting. A fish I
take for granted, and this guy is driving across country to get some for his


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