NANFA-L-- Upcoming Ohio NANFA Events

Subject: NANFA-L-- Upcoming Ohio NANFA Events
From: Todd Crail (farmertodd at
Date: Sun Sep 19 2004 - 15:12:21 CDT

Hi gang,

Well the weather is cooling down, spawning has ended for the year, so that
can only mean one thing.... Prime time to collect fish! :)

We have a couple opportunities to get out and see the waterways of our great
state coming up. The first opportunity won't be a collecting trip, but will
be an
educational outreach opportunity in Lorain County next weekend (September
25th). We will be assisting the Lorain County Soil Water and Conservation
department with a "Bioblitz" type of dealie on the Rocky River. There will
be area teachers present, as well as citizens, kids, etc. This is a great
opportunity for us to endear a good group of folks to our native fish.

I know this is horribly late notice, and for that I appologize. I just
started Grad School this fall, so I've been swamped getting back into the
swing. But... If you're interested in joining us, please drop me a line and
I'll get you more specific details about that. Email is probably the best
way to get ahold of me, phone is 419-539-6810.

Now for the goodies... A new NANFA member and I went down to the Darby a few
weeks back, and um, I think we're going to look at the Central Ohio Till
Plains streams ;) Their central locations makes it an easy drive for
everyone, and really, these streams are the
essence of what Ohio was and can still be.

The ideal situation is that it's beautiful weather with all the leaves
changing and so on and so forth. The plan right now is to make a weekend of
it October 9th and 10th, possibly dribbling over to the 11th if people are
interested and weather cooperates. We plan on staying at Deer Creek State
Park which will give us easy access to a variety of habitats on the three of
the jewel streams of Ohio (Big Darby Creek, Deer Creek and Paint Creek with
Big Walnut within easy shooting distance). We should be easily able to see
(not necessarily take ;) everything from southern red bellied dace and
mottled sculpin (headwaters) to spotted darters and Northern madtoms (high
flow primary riffles).

In any case, we'll have a chance to look at some of Ohio's most imperiled
fish fauna, a lot of other neat invertebrates (mussels galore in slower
sections), and bring home some exceptional specimens of less imperilled, but
less seen species (like varigate darters) from robust populations. You
won't be disappointed unless it's flooded (which I will be watching). Jeff
and I sampled 9 species of darter and 3 species of madtom on one riffle of
the Darby. I did 7 species of darter last fall on one riffle at this time
(First week of Oct) by myself on Paint Creek. This IS the real deal :)

There is also talk about a canoe trip on Paint Creek through a "canyon" just
west of Chillicothe. Dr. Cavender of the Ohio State Museum (who may also
join us) had mentioned this location to me this spring. It will be
interesting to see how sheer these cliffs are. The way I remember it
described, it seemed like it was pretty impressive. So if you're into
canoeing, there will be an opportunity there as well. I can imagine if the
habitat in the canyon is neato, there'll be some stops to sample along the

If you have an interest in this trip, please let me know. Day trip,
camping, whatever you'd like. I'd say the main day will be Saturday the
9th, but if the weather cooperates, the 10th won't be a slack day either.
Again, you can email me or call 419-539-6810. More details will immerge
once we have an idea of how many people, and what interests folks have.


It's never too late to have a happy childhood.

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