Re: NANFA-L-- slightly off topic, national tree just passed

Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- slightly off topic, national tree just passed
From: Dave Neely (rheopresbe at
Date: Wed Sep 29 2004 - 12:50:01 CDT


I liked the suggestion of American shad, but I have major reservations
whether designation of a national (non-game?) fish will bring attention to
anything remotely worthwhile. Effort spent by both NANFA as an organization
and individuals acting on behalf of NANFA on trying to convince legislators
to support legislation would seemingly better be spent on supporting
conservation bills, augmented funding for endangered species, habitat
protection, etc.

Call me partisan, but I find it highly suspicious that HR1775, proposing
"the tree genus Quercus, commonly known as the oak tree, [as] the national
tree" was introduced by Goodlatte, Smith (TX), Goss, and Osborne, and
sponsored by King (IA), Peterson, Saxton, Moran (VA), Calvert, Hyde, Crane,
Emerson, Bartlett, Terry, Hostettler, Goode, and Davis (VA)... Check the
party affiliations yourself. I'm more interested in finding out what was
<attached> to this bill...

Best regards,

St. Louis, MO

>Hope this comment is considered within topic: I noticed that the national >tree will be "the oak." That is in keeping with the principle that I >suggested we consider in proposing a national fish -- that is that we >choose a taxon that includes a number of closely related species that go by >a collective common name so that the largest number of people possible >could have a local stake in the national fish. BTW, I noticed an error in >the description of the national tree. Oaks only occur in Hawaii by >introduction, and I'm not certain that they have even been introduced to >Alaska. Oaks do not grow in the wild in either state. But it was the >National Arbor Day Foundation that pushed this through. We are much closer >to nature than they are! > >Let's do this thing for America's fish, to help bring attention to their >needs. > >I'll help write a proposal, if we can agree on a candidate. BOD? > >David L. McNeely, Ph.D., Professor of Biology >Langston University; P.O. Box 1500 >Langston, OK 73050; email: dlmcneely at >telephone: (405) 466-6025; fax: 405) 466-3307 >home page

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