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<< I've written before about the creek that flows through my back
 yard, and how it dried up completely this year.  Now we've had
 about 2 weeks worth of rain, and the creek is flowing again.  Just
 this afternoon I netted a 4" creek chubsucker near my house.  I
 wonder where he was hiding all this time?  In a deep pool far
 downstream, or in a crawdad burrow?  Whereever he came from, it
 didn't take him long to find greener pastures.  >>

I had never thought about crawdad holes for refuge before.  Wonder if it
could happen?

When I was in college (Bloomington, Indiana) and lived next to a large
forest, there was a stream running at the back of the property.  It never
dried up, but all the fish above a four foot waterfall would disappear during
the winter and then show back up in the summer..  There were no deep pools
that I could find above the water fall that had fish.  (Well, any I
observed.)  I always wondered how they got back or where they hid. 

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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