Re: NANFA-- Fish and Crayfish Burrow Coexistance- Was Erymozon

Bruce Stallsmith (
Thu, 06 Apr 2000 13:20:29 EDT

The $64 question is, can you demonstrate that this is a regular behavior by
the fish depositing eggs in another's nest or random happenstance? You can't
ask them, of course. I suspect that it _is_ a regular behavior by many
species, and may even turn out to be a case of "Yeah, so what, they all do
it." But I don't know...

--Bruce Stallsmith
Huntsville, AL, where I stay away from Louisiana deputies...

>I have heard of many shiners using sunfish nests , smallmouth bass nests,
>and even bowfin nests. Ray Katula witnessed golden shiners broadcasting
>eggs over a bowfin nest. Supposedly emerald shiners use smallmouth and
>green sunfish nest. I am sure there are more. The sunfish gaurding eggs
>unlikly to come up off his nest to attack these fish, so I would think it
>would be the egg broadcasters ( scatterers) rather than egg depostiors like
>spotfin or red shiners. It does benefit the nesting fish in the long run,
>as these shiner fry are a food item, and it is obvious how it benefits the

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