Re: NANFA-- Fish and Crayfish Burrow Coexistance- Was Erymozon
Fri, 7 Apr 2000 07:42:36 EDT

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<< The $64 question is, can you demonstrate that this is a regular behavior
the fish depositing eggs in another's nest or random happenstance? You can't
ask them, of course. I suspect that it _is_ a regular behavior by many
species, and may even turn out to be a case of "Yeah, so what, they all do
it." But I don't know... >>

Many shiner spp. are obligate nest spawners...essentially all of the
Hydrophlox sub spp. which includes things like Tennessee, yellowfin,
greenhead shiners. Also most Phoxinus, sometimes Clinostomus and even some
Luxilus spp spawn over chub nests. There is some great info out there
documenting these interesting relationships. We've watched them do this many

As far as living in a crayfish's pretty easy to imagine a
Gambusia or a topminnow (or other killifish) doing this, but something that's
a larger, more mobile fish like a chubsucker.....????? who knows.


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