Re: NANFA-- Some interesting survey trends

Christopher Scharpf (
Sun, 09 Apr 2000 18:26:04 -0400

Chuck Church said:

>Interesting. I would have guessed the opposite trend to be true. Sounds
>like we have a bunch of non-list members really interested in native fish.

Indeed we do. An estimated 88% of NANFA's members are NOT on this list.

>And those folks could probably benefit and contribute to the list. I would
>be willing to send personal e-mails to some of those folks inviting them.

You can if you'd like. But Sajjad was right in his previous post about some
people just not liking email, or not wanting to deal with the volume of being on
a list -- not that NANFA's volume is unmanageable.

>I know Chris often mentions some of the list discussions in AC. Perhaps a
>short column every month that goes something like this:
>Since the last AC, there were <insert number> topics covered on the NANFA
>list. Included were: <list 10 or 20 of the most interesting ones: crayfish
>tank set up, etc> <give more details of one or two, like Chris already

Good suggestion, Chuck! Can anybody supply me with a catalog of subjects
discussed so far this year? I went to the email list archives and they were
unreadable to me -- a large mass of emails all strung together into long

Chris Scharpf

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