Re: NANFA-- dusky darters

Bruce Stallsmith (
Sat, 15 Apr 2000 12:00:24 EDT

Yeah, I think we're going into peak darter season. I'm keeping 2 for the
first time, Eth. duryi (black darter) and Eth. tuscumbia (Tuscumbia darter,
from Helen Keller's hometown in Alabama!). The black is actually a very good
aquarium fish, after becoming acclimated to the tank she (I'm pretty sure)
actively patrols the tank looking for shredded worm. She complements the 2
stonerollers and 1 bigeye shiner pretty well. The Tuscumbia is much more
reclusive, although he/she will lunge for worm from cover and then retreat.
They're kept at room temperature in a room off of my greenhouse (shaded)
where day time temp is about 75 deg. F., maybe down to 68 at night, with a
timed 13 hour, 25 watt light at one end of a 10 gal. tank with external
filtration, strong air bubbler and pea gravel substrate.

--Bruce Stallsmith
Huntsville, AL
(I saw the play "The Miracle Worker" the other night, so I'm up on Helen
Keller trivia.)

>From: Christopher Scharpf <>
>To: NANFA Mailing List <>
>Subject: Re: NANFA-- dusky darters
>Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2000 23:52:09 -0400
> >The Dusky darters I brought home from Urbana have spawned.
>Bob, do I smell an AC article in this?
>My duskies from have colored up nicely. But they're all males! Cool fish.
>outgoing. Spend most of their time swimming pelagically.
>BTW, everybody, Bob wrote a terrific article re: his greenside and rainbow
>darter experienes. It's in the Spring AC, which will be going to press by
>end of
>Chris Scharpf

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