Re: NANFA-- dusky darters---Q about black darter and thanks for everyone

tony (
Sat, 15 Apr 2000 23:58:06 +0700

Compare between snubnose and black darter, which one is easier to keep and which
one is more colorful? Any info about saffron, bandfin and others in this snubnose
darter group?

Bruce Stallsmith wrote:

> Yeah, I think we're going into peak darter season. I'm keeping 2 for the
> first time, Eth. duryi (black darter) and Eth. tuscumbia (Tuscumbia darter,
> from Helen Keller's hometown in Alabama!). The black is actually a very good
> aquarium fish, after becoming acclimated to the tank she (I'm pretty sure)
> actively patrols the tank looking for shredded worm. She complements the 2
> stonerollers and 1 bigeye shiner pretty well. The Tuscumbia is much more
> reclusive, although he/she will lunge for worm from cover and then retreat.
> They're kept at room temperature in a room off of my greenhouse (shaded)
> where day time temp is about 75 deg. F., maybe down to 68 at night, with a
> timed 13 hour, 25 watt light at one end of a 10 gal. tank with external
> filtration, strong air bubbler and pea gravel substrate.
> --Bruce Stallsmith
> Huntsville, AL
> (I saw the play "The Miracle Worker" the other night, so I'm up on Helen
> Keller trivia.)

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