Re: NANFA-- FW: larval bluegill survival (fwd)
Thu, 20 Apr 2000 11:10:26 EDT

I haven't played much with sunfish larvae, but, tiny, pelagic darter larvae
will evidently feed on a mixture of green water and A.P.R. an artificial
rotifer diet put out by O.S.I. Oddly enough, we had problems with mortality
when using live rotifers...both marine and F/W. Don't know why. A dark
container seems to help with these guys as well. We were having infections of
the snout from (we're guessing) the larvae rubbing against the glass all the
time. You have to keep a rather high density of food and therefore, have to
watch the water quality VERY closely. We keep the little ammonia detectors
SeaChem puts out in these tanks and they work quite well for ammonia.
However, we were finding nitrite build-ups that were knocking off larvae.

We have serendipitously come across a bunch of black buffalo eggs. They
hatched after about a week and have tiny pelagic larvae. We're gonna try the
same techniques with them. Anybody ever mess with buffalo larvae?....anybody
want baby buffalos if they survive :)

J. R.

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