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Frauley/Elson (
Sun, 23 Apr 2000 18:30:27 -0400

I can't claim 'seining in the floods' stories, but I can report some
neat southern-Northern Ontario beaver pond minnow trap results. I was
close to Pembroke Ontario, up the Ottawa River valley. I know a bait
shop owner, and was there when he brought in a single trapload from one
beaver pond I've 'fished' in the summer.
Along with a pile of the expected juvenile Northern Redbelly Dace, he
had Umbra limi and brook sticklebacks, neither of which I'd have picked
as beaver pond beasts. The bait-shop guy said the sticklebacks and
mudminnows were only caught in his traps when the Spring flood was on
and the water was cold (and cold it was. I checked. Ouch).
I know this pond from sampling it in the summer, and from taking a look
at the water over the weekend, to see its Springtime state. I didn't put
my own traps in this time as a lot of areas are off-limits due to
spawning, and as a non-local, it would be too easy for me to make a
By mid-summer, they are blackwater bog-streams, loaded with trout,
crayfish and dace. Is the high density of Umbra and sticklebacks related
to temperature, or to what I assume to be the lower acidity of the fresh
snow melt?
Just wondering.

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