Re: NANFA-- sunfish/cichlid?
Sun, 30 Apr 2000 02:49:21 EDT

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<< The dollars spawned again the other
day, and there are fry from the last spawn sitting around the nest being
protected and mouthed ( cleaned and kept near the nest) by the male. This
is really wild behavior from the sunfish, since all those cichlid people
like to knock them saying they don't stack up to cichlids in behavior. >>

That's strange; I never knew that cichlid keepers as a general rule even knew
about the breeding behaviours of sunfishes or even thought about them in an
aquarium-keeping context. I know other people on the list keep cichlids, and
I have in the past (Texas cichlid and carpintis) so I'm not really referring
to them. What I mean is cichlid keepers outside of the native fish-keeping
hobby who keep tropical fish. It seems like they would be attracted to the
similar general appearance of the sunfishes to the cichlids. For my part,
as unconventional as this seems, if it weren't for sunfishes, I wouldn't be
into cichlids (Nearctic cichlids only).

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