Re: NANFA-- sunfish/cichlid?
Sun, 30 Apr 2000 03:11:25 EDT

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<< Not to run any one down, but it is the same thing Central/South
American cichlids keepers run into when talking with the snobby African
cichlid keeper. I keep some cichlids as well, and have others in the past,
because they remind me of sunfish. Also, those I was reffering to , none of
you may have ever met, these are people I have met at tropical fish shows
and such. >>

That's odd, I don't really understand why anyone would denigrate other types
of fish just because they don't keep them, or even fishes that are in the
same group, but not the same general type that they themselves keep, that
seems ridiculously elitist. Me, I appreciate just about every type of
fishkeeping there is, from salt water aquariums to tropical freshwater to
temperate freshwater. I'm a Nearctic North american purist as far as my own
fish-keeping goes, but that's because I think that there are so many neat
fish on this continent and the fact that not too many people have kept them
before makes them rather alluring to me. Plus the whole "what's in my
backyard" kind of thing, it's cool that there are so many interesting
creatures right in my own area. But my enthuisiasm for my own niche of the
hobby doesn't make me look down on other phases of the hobby.

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