RE: NANFA-- green earthworms dont squiggle

geoff kimber (
Sun, 30 Apr 2000 22:17:43 -0700


Worm bedding is a fine start, but it's just shredded newspaper. I started
off with 50% shredded newspaper and 50% peat moss. I added 1 lb of red
wrigglers (~1000 worms) and then vegetable waste from the kitchen. I have
been feeding red wrigglers to my fish aggressively for months now (part of a
balanced breakfast) and have had no fatalities. I don't clean their guts or
anything. I just try to get most of the dirt off them and then it's lunch

I keep my worms in a $5 18 gallon plastic tote. The worms live at all
depths of the container. I had thought that I would have troubles keeping
the bedding moist, this being the desert and all, but have found the
opposite to be true - the vegetables contain enough moisture that I have to
keep the lid open to encourage evaporation.

there seem to be an increasing number of places to buy redworms on the net.
Check a search engine for "eisenia fetida" when you're ready to buy.

Geoff Kimber

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