NANFA-- Indoor/Outdoor Transfer

Michael Wolfe (
Wed, 4 Apr 2001 20:39:24 -0400

OK Guys, my pond in the backyard (small preformed about 160 gallons) is
finally not frozen... and the green sunnies that have been living in the 50
gallon tank in the living room are getting BIG. I would like to move them

Should I wait for a specific outside water temp?

How should I acclimate them before introducing them into the pond?

Current tank in the house is just at room temp (no chiller). The pond may
have frozen near solid (even though it is over two feet deep) based on our
tough winter this year. But it is all thawed out now... and we are
expecting temps in the upper 40s for a while (here in northern Ohio). The
pond has some plants (hardy lilies and some reeds) that I bought cheap at
the end of they season last year. I also have a couple of pumps... one to
run a bell fountain for aeration and another that recirculates the water
down a short (6 foot long) stream. I haven't had fish in the pond yet, but
it did sit over the fall/winter, so I assume that after I clean out some
leaves and such, I should be ready to go.


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