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What kind of light do you have them under Rhonda?

Is pothos one of those plants which like the following, is from under the
rainforest canopy and therefore "comfortable" with less light?

I've had Spathiphylum (sp?) running in and out of some if my tanks for
years. A low light plant thriving on ambient filtered light (which means the
tank will not be overheated) we have to trim them back fairly frequently.
Originally one of those potted aquarium plants, Spaths do best when only
their "feet" are wet. Ours would scorch outdoors in full sun, but seem to be
useful as heavy feeders indoors. They have a certain attraction of their own
and produce quite a root mass offering shelter.

One can also hang them in the tank in a plastic box (with holes) so they can
draw on the tank's nutrients without drowning. I suppose a young one could
be started in a power filter box, Just leave the filter medium out. Shortly
their roots would partly serve that purpose. The only maidenhair fern we
were ever able to keep alive (read moist and sprayed) live in a small
regular ceramic pot ensconced in a flowing filter box.

All the best!


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> I've had pothos growing out of my tanks for a couple years, they kind of
> go along the tanks in the fish room. The plant that I've really had a
> lot of growing out of my tanks is Bacopa. It grows out of the tank in
> the tank next to it, below it, the tank beside that, etc. Here's a photo
> I took of it a few months ago. This is the top of the stack, the plants
> have migrated down the 3 shelves and into 6 tanks currently. I cut a big
> chunk of the plants growing out this weekend and sent them home with my
> little sister. You can see the pothos growing out of the tanks in the
> back too.
> Rhonda

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