NANFA-- 300 gallon update

james graham (
Mon, 9 Apr 2001 13:12:35 -0400

Just thought I would post a little update on my 300 I put fish in on New
Years day.The fish I have in it are blunt-nose minnows, black-nose dace,
red-sided dace, southern red-bellied dace, red shiners and fat head
minnows.The fat-head minnows are spawning and I think the thing that
triggered them is the longer photo period as temperature has stayed the same
at 72 degrees.I have really enjoyed watching the behavior of the fish at
different times of day.Sometimes they all hang in the quietest corner in a
loose school faced every which way and some times they move just a little to
an area where there is a small current and all hang there in a school all
facing into the current. Other times the scoot around the tank in a long
school just buzzing in and out of the current .It makes me think something
is spawning when they are doing this but haven't been able to figure it out
yet. I have found that the fathead minnows like to eat brown algae off the
side of the tank.My next project for the tank is to make a poorman's chiller
by placing a coil of tubing in the freezer of my whiteworn refrigerator and
pumping tankwater through it.I would be happy if I could bring the
temperature down to 65 degrees.Has anyone tried this??
Jim Graham
Hastings, Mi

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