NANFA-- Collecting IN the BARN!?

Lions Lark (
Tue, 10 Apr 2001 13:24:15 -0400

Here's a cute story.

I was at the barn last night about 10pm, just cleaning up & cooling down
Shadow (the horse) by walking her around the stalls in the barn. It had
rained heavily earlier (I didn't see a drop or even a dark cloud in my part
of Cinti all day -about 20 min away!) and the little creek (Gregory Creek)
had flooded a bit. As I was walking round and round, I saw a dark little
shiny creature crawling across the wood shavings on the barn floor. I walked
over closer to it and noticed it was a 5" crayfish! That guy had to have
crawled a good 100 yards over a gravel & dirt drive to get in here! There
aren't any cats or dogs around & it was too late for kids to be up, so he
didn't get a ride here. I poured some water on him & finished up Shadow &
looked for a container to take him home to my tanks. I went back to the spot
I last saw him and he was gone!

I looked for awhile longer, then gave up. Packed up my stuff & went home. I
unpacked my backpack & saw something slender & clawed in my backpack-it was
dark in the room. It scared me at first. I travel to many desert area hotels
& see scorpions on occasion & my first thought was scorpion! I ran to the
bathroom & emptied all the contents into the bathtub & low & behold if that
crayfish hadn't crawled inside! I chuckled, then picked him up, rinsed him
off & put him in my tank.

That little bugger! Hitching a ride & giving me a good scare to boot!
I didn't even plan on collecting IN the barn! I guess you don't even need to
go in or near the water or even use a net or search for the fellas-nothing
like a willing & persistent crayfish!

;>) Amy
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