Re: NANFA-- Sycolin Creek Trip Loudon County, VA April 8, 2001

Bob Culler (
Wed, 11 Apr 2001 22:32:16 -0400

At 08:39 AM 4/11/01 -0400, Mike wrote:

>I will try to collect a couple females later this month in order to have a
>The male I currently have has already cleaned my quarantine tank of all it's
>algae. Have you ever tried to feed them fresh cucumber or boiled zuchinni?
>Plecos in the tropical trade can be weened on to such veggies.

I don't think they need the extra veggies. Like Bruce and Chris mentioned,
they are very opportunistic and aggressive feeders, eating just about
anything. My darters got a little skinny at first, so I increased the
amount and frequency of feeding. Now, everyone gets along just fine.

BTW, I just recently started feeding a little bit of spirulina flake, which
the stonerollers and whitetail shiners seem to like very much.

Ranger Bob
Kingsport, TN
"The power of humans to degrade the natural world is awesome; the
capability to reconstitute it later is mythical."

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