NANFA-- pondweed identification
Fri, 13 Apr 2001 18:01:50 EDT

Today I found some peculiar pondweed in a local creek. The first species
was a pondweed that was quite small, comparitivly speaking, to other
pondweeds. The second peculiarity was that it was growing in a fast, very
shallow, gravelly section of the stream. It grew by a runner that connected
all of it. The leaves look much like crisp pondweed, but not wavy, and all of
the leaves had an attractive reddish tint. Any identification on that?
The second plant was also a pondweed (I beleive), and was growing in a
relativily small, mucky area. It was all connected by one very woody runner,
and the leaves looked like crisp ponweed, but the stem was woody, the leaves
were larger, and red. Both of these plants stumped me, and I cannot find any
identification. I also found the vallisneria I had been needing all summer,
which is doing well in the new 29 gallon. The vals came in plants which
sprouted from runners, and others were in gravel riffles that were just
sprouting from seeds.
Anyways, I would appreciate any input on what these "pondweeds" might be,
thanks. __Dan
PS After talking with my older brother who is in college about his aquarium
he was keeping in his dorm, he was dissapointed that almost all his fish
died. I asked him how much he changed the water, and he replied "change?"

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