NANFA-- New regualtions 2001

R. W. Wolff (
Tue, 17 Apr 2001 10:42:40 -0500

I read through the 2001 fishing regulations for Wisconsin Sunday night.
Some new things that are in the bad and good new category. The good news is
the laws are more percise. The bad news is that all species of sunfish are
now panfish, and count towards the daily bag limit of 25. This includes the
diminutive orange spotted sunfish , which apparently could be seined in the
past. I found all of the smaller non cyprinids listed in either rough fish
or bait fish categories except I did not notice pirate perch. I did not see
any reference to pickeral either. The one important question that was not
answered ( as it seemed these laws were clarified in part for aquarists
possibly) was what happens when your pair of sunfish spawn, and you are now
several hundred fish over the bag limit. Is it like other states where the
fish you have spawn for you are now your property ( where wild fish are
public property).
Oddly, trout perch were bait fish, and killifish were rough fish. Anyfish
taken legally can be used as bait ( even legal sized within season bass) .
Frogs, turtles, crawfish, clams all have more percise, but similar to old
rules. Salamanders are not listed anywhere. I was a little foggy on a new
rule regarding frogs, it seemed to be worded that non residents could not
catch frogs no matter what. One other change, soft shell turtles do not
have to be of certain size, but snappers still do.
In summary, I do not agree with some of the new laws, but it is nice to
see them clarified. Cross referencing this pamphlet with the new netting
one should clarify even more, if that was updated in a like manner. The DNR
web site is also a good place to find out information. Keeping small
gamefish is not out of the question. You just have to buy them from a
licensed fish farm and keep you reciept.


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