RE: NANFA-- Bush and the ESA

Tom and Lanita Watson (
Tue, 17 Apr 2001 16:17:27 -0700

The law suits are brought to force the government to enforce the law.
Enforcing federal law is the president's job. Citizens should always have a
process available to force their public servants to do their job.

Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 11:22:20 -0600
From: "Whitlock, Steve" <>
Subject: RE: NANFA-- Bush and the ESA

What do you all think about the possibility of allowing citizens to sue the
federal government for a lack of military involvement in third-world crisis
situations. (ie, not protecting people, instead of fish.) How about the
possibility of suing the federal government for taking too much of my income
in the form of taxes? (ie, taking from me and giving it to a fish I don't
necessarily care for.)

In short, if we can sue the federal government there are a few suites I'd
like to see on the docket in addition to some EPA ones. If we can't sue the
federal government, let's make the playing field level and have it be that
way in all cases. If we can only sue parts of the federal
government.......who's to say what those parts are and what those parts are

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