NANFA-- pearl dace spawning

R. W. Wolff (
Thu, 19 Apr 2001 01:30:21 -0500

Today pearl dace were spawning in the " Mississippi Pond" or " Gar Pond".
Going into the deep hole ( see the recent American Currents for article that
shows the ponds former self) there are creases in the liner. These have
algaes growing on them that look like tufts of hair like cotton. the pearls
would go down, wiggle side by side, and the larger females would go shooting
off and the male would zip after them. I wish I could have watched longer
for more , or even got some video, but I was home on lunch and had to get
back to work. I have also noticed apparent spawning activity for a while
now from Northern Redbelly Dace over weeds and debri alongside slow current.
The Finescale Dace appear to be spawning in debri and plant material near
sandstone caves along the north shore. Mudminnows spawned in dead water
hyacinth roots. Some other fish that look as though they are getting ready
to spawn, or are spawning without me knowing. Black sided darters, pirate
perch and iowa darters. Considering my pond is like a sluggish river at best
for current, its amazing to me the blacksided darters would take to it. One
other specie that is acting peculiar, bowfin. There are two males and one
female in the pond. The two males have areas that they are alway in,
although no nest. These areas are odd as they are very shallow, and open to
veiw. The female at night can be seen searching for something other than
food at about the same depths that the males are hanging around in. This
could be the year, and that would be awesome.


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