Re: NANFA-- RE: Collecting in South Louisiana Saga # 2

Leo Arieux (
Mon, 23 Apr 2001 13:40:02 -0500 (CDT)

Martin :

I also went collecting yesterday ,
however in a different part of the state
On the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain.
We were primarily collecting on La. 435
towards the Ms.state line, then north on La. 41 from Talisheek to
Sun,Bush and Bougalusa.

There are a few streams and small rivers that cross the road along
there.We collected 10 nice White Hardy wild water lilies and some
absolutely magnificent Longear Sunfish (L. megalotis) and Bluegill (L.
macrochirus) in a ditch which runs
along side of La. 435 before it intersects
La. 41.). They were every bit as beautiful as Discus but better as we
caught them.
There were tons of small crawfish and grass shrimp as well. We also
picked up
a load of H. formosa.

We then went to La. 41 and proceeded North where we stopped at two
streams and a small river (the Bogue Chitto).
In the first Two streams we hit paydirt.....caught loads of F. notti and
F.olivaceus With a few Tadpole Madtoms
(N. gyrinus) for good measure.The water in both streams appeared to have
been higher but was at a much lower level as
evidenced by several small pockets of water in the body of the stream
cut off from the main body. These held small pirate perch and we
collected about 20 to 25 of

We proceeded to seine both places and caught about 30 Blackside Darter (
maculata ) and the best of all 7 Pickerel,
the largest of which was about 5 1/2 "
and the rest ranged from 3 1/2 " to 4 1/2"
these were either Grass (E. americanus
vermiculatus) Chain (E. niger) or even
Redfin (E. americanus americanus) These were truly the catch of the day.
They were awesome fish ....bold and brassy....they swam around the
collection box as if they owned it. Eat your heart out Brother Arndt.

The temperature couldn't have been nicer at 68 deg. when we got up with
a high of 80 deg., sunny in the AM and slightly overcast in the
afternoon. The water was also pleasant as I found out tripping over a
submerged log and falling on my butt
sheesh it wasn't even Saturday night !!!!

We brought all back to my friends house and distributed all of the fish
excluding the darters into the community large pond. The Darters were
given to some one else
who dearly wanted them.

We then finished the day off with a Veal Daube Roast cooked in Tomato
gravy with Wheat Panne Pasta, a small tossed salad and Garlic Wheat
French Bread.
I won't even mention the wine. A small
repast but we made do <VBG>. Then I returned home by 4:30 to relax and
reflect upon the day's fun. Oh well, it's was a tough job but someone
had to do it.

Hopefully I will be going to North La. with B G to meet Martin and do
some collecting there ......More to follow .


Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler'

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