Re: NANFA-- slender chubs
Tue, 24 Apr 2001 13:53:45 EDT

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Does anyone have any experience with the 5 species of the genus Erimystax,
commonly referred to as slender chubs?

There is absolutely nothing published on the husbandry of these minnows, as
as I can gather. My guess is that since they occur in larger rivers and
waters, they're out of the range of most collectors. Also, they're
unspectacularly colored.



We have spawned and reared Erimystax dissimilis and insignis. These were done
as surrogates for E. cahni. I can dig around and find what we have written up
on them if you wish. They're pretty cool fish!

We hope some E. cahni will show up some day. Only one specimen has been seen
in the past 10 years. We'll be out looking next week when we're in the Clinch
doing the pygmy madtom release.


J. R.