NANFA-- A Previously Proposed National Fish Count

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There was some discussion recently about NANFA initiating or participating
in annual fish counts. Apparently The Southestern Fishes Council has also
promoted this idea, but I do not know how many people if any are doing it:

This excerpt is from a history of the SFC written by Donald Cloutman and
available at

"In 1988, Steve Platania of the Desert Fishes Council encouraged SFC members
to establish a systematic 4th of July fish count similar to the Christmas
bird count. The fish count idea was further discussed at the 1989 meeting.
The consensus was that if anyone wished to do such a count, they could pick
their own time and method. Steve Ross stated that he had been conducting a
"count" since 1975. It is interesting that 1976 SFC Chairman Royal Suttkus
called upon each member to establish a regular monitoring program at a local
collecting site to determine long term trends in habitat and status of
fishes, especially for streams with rich assemblages or unique endemics.
Such monitoring is in accordance with Objective 5 of the constitution, which
states, "To encourage members to assume responsibility of monitoring one or
more local fish populations and their habitats and present report thereon at
annual meetings."

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