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Lions Lark (
Wed, 25 Apr 2001 23:08:19 -0400

Has anyone kept Largemouths in an aquarium? I collected two as fingerlings
last summer and now they are ~10" and growing. I'm not finding much
information about largemouths kept in aquariums.

I've got them both in a 75 gal. Lately they splash water everywhere even
with glass covering the entire aquarium top! I'm not sure how it gets on top
of the glass but it does! Maybe the 1/4" in front of the filters? But the
water is far from that opening & so much!

Is the 75gal too small? They splash water not from chasing food but from
chasing each other. I'm not 100% sure what their sex is. If I had to guess
I'd say they were the same sex whatever it is. Their colors & markings are
the same. One behaves as the dominant fish.

I'm wondering if they are territorial and need more room or do I just put up
with the splashing. I have watched several Bass videos (most are humorous!).
The Big Mouth video seemed the most factual so I purchased it (some funny
music & narration in it too!).

Other than that I find info on catching them & cooking them!

Any help or references would be appreciated!


Maybe I'll be the Dr. Spock of Largemouth raisin'!

Does anyone know life expectancy in captivity?
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