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George Arndt (
Thu, 26 Apr 2001 19:52:33 -0400

well I love myself and so many people have called me a Large Mouth #ASS that
I must have some of Amy's LargeMouth Bass. that way i won't have to look in
a mirror.

well amy and i shared a little info on ponds.

so I said: +++>>>
To: (Lions Lark)
Subject: Largemouth
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 17:56:52 EDT

well since a 75 gallon is 4 ft long and the fish only grow to about 3 ft 3
inches. there is plenty of room for an entire school of largemouth bass in

well i want some largemouth bass too. they are my number one fish i want to
get this summer. 10 inch sounds pretty good. but i think a 2000 gallon
would be appreciated for this summer. then put a 2000 gallon pond into the
basement for this coming winter. then next summer a nice 6000 gallon pond
should do the trick.

anyway that is my plan. i have several 2000 gallon ponds including one in
the basement and i have the 6000 gallon hole dug and the liner waiting for
help to install.

75 gallons for a largemouth bass. wow. of course some people would just
these and get 2 new ones for this summer.

can i ask you what you have been feeding them. i would love to breed them.
exciting adventure. hehe.

what state are you located in. i would take the fish off your hands if you
cannot deal with them growing to 40 inches long.

george arndt
harvard, mass

and she replied +++>>>>

Subj: Re: Largemouth
Date: 4/26/01 6:50:42 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Lions Lark)

No, laughing George, you cannot have them! Peaches & Herb (their names) are
MY babies! I originally had 5 fingerlings (about 1 1/2" in July 2000) but
one ate the other and I ended up with 2.

I'm in SW oHIo, but they were collected from middle southern oHIo, from my
grandpa's farm pond.

Unfortunately I don't have a basement or a yard! I'd love to have a pond or
two! When can you ship?

What are the dimensions of a 2000 & 6000 gallon pond? How many gallons are
in an above ground & inground pool?

There might be room to put a whole school in my tank but the water changes
would be frequent & I'd have to install a pond liner under & around the tank
because of all the water splashed everywhere! Not to mention all the food!

I feed them about 3 dozen minnows, shiners, lg. roseys, or tadpoles,
chopped nightcrawlers (they won't eat big pieces no matter how hungry!),
crickets, crayfish and other misc. pond beings I collect per week. Let me
tell you-my cat costs less to feed!

At 10" these guys aren't worth the filets you'd get from them!

Where the hell is Harvahd, Mass? How far is that from Bahston? Do you still
have snow & ice there?

I could give you some nice fat bluegills. I don't need a dozen in my little
29 gal. (Peanuts to your 'baby-pool' sized ponds!)

What's that do to your water bill? Or do you melt snow from your driveway?

I hope you know I'm JUST KIDDING with all the 'little' comments, but I know
you're laughing George & I just wanted to hold you up to your name!

Please forgive me if I overstepped my midwestern boundaries!

;) ROFL Amy

thank you Amy for your expression of love for my Large Mouth #Ass. anyway I
would like to share how I can build a pond so easy and so fast. i have
built several this way and i will try to describe it here.

for a 16 ft by 8 ft pond. build a 2 ft high wall around the sides and you
can dig a hole in the middle to make it deeper if you want. go to Home
Depot and ask them to give you 3 sheets of 3/4 inch plywood cut or sliced
down the middle length. so you have 6 pieces 2 ft by 8 ft. then buy some
pressure treated lumber. 4 lenths of 2 inch by 4 inch for the ends. and 4
lenghts of 2 by 6 inch by 16 foot. you can buy 8 inch instead of 6 inch
here. but 4 inch is going to bend big time. i think it will burst.

anyway i but a 5 pound box of good decking screws 1 5/8 inch long. then i
work the 16 ft lenths first. i put the 2 by 6 along the long length at the
very top and bottom edges. and screw them along the lengths. so i now have
two panels 16 ft long by 2 ft high that have a long board on edge screwed
along the top and bottom. the board will be stronger if screwed along the
edge of the 2 by 6.

the ends will use a bit smaller than the sides. what i do is to cut out a
small slot with a jig saw. the slot is about the 2 inch by 4 inch slot for
the 2 by 4 along the 8 ft ends. these 8 ft lenths are put into place and a
3/8 bolt long enough to go through the overlapping corner of the 2 by 4 with
the 2 by 6. the 8 bolts are put into place. now the inside of the pond end
is measured and the 2 remaining plywoods are cut down a few inches to fit
inside the pond to push against the 2 by 4 on the ends.

all the plywood is smooth inside the pond and the lumber lengths are on the
outside. but the corners are simple bolted to hold it all together.

when the ends are cut to fit. they are screwed into the edges of the 2 by
4. now you have a pond that is 16 ft by 8 ft by 2 ft deep without digging a
hole this is over 2000 gallons i am pretty sure. anyway you can put in a
cheap liner like a 4 mil plastic liner good for one summer and costing about
3 to 5 dollars. you can use some discarded rugs for backing to the plastic.
helps stop holes in the plastic.

Home Depot sells 6 mil thick 20 ft wide by 100 ft long black plastic for
about $38. the 4 mil cost much less. so the minimum plastic you need is
about 12 by 20 ft to do the 8 by 16 plus 2 ft deep. so the 100 ft roll
could give you 8 liners for $40 or $5 each for 6 mil. I have had plenty of
good luck with 4 mil.

indoors the 4 mil last forever, no ultra violet to destroy the plastic.
outside it lasts one summer.

I do NOT fill the walls to the top with water. i put a few 8 ft lenghts of
2 by 3 's across the top to hold things on top. like a cover against the
night freezes or a net to keep the blue herons out. I also like to dig a
bit of a hole. at least at one end to have a deeper end. I can build one
of these ponds in about 2 hours for minimum cost. i use water hyacinth to
keep the water clean. much less expensive than big water pump filters.

but i am working on a hole in the ground. i had a back hoe dig it and i
have a 20 ft by 50 ft 60 mil EPDM roofing liner for $400. that is my new
project. this should hold 6000 gallons easy.

George the Pond Nut
Harvard, mass
the freezing show is gone but last freeze is about June 1 each year.
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