NANFA-- Almost died
Sat, 28 Apr 2001 22:03:40 EDT

hello everyone,
Well I just came back from fishing on a a big mesotrophic lake called
duck lake. It's 700 acres, extremely clear(can see to 25 feet), has a huge
infestation of zebra mussels, and is a great yellow perch and walleye lake.
Of course I brought my nets with me, and a 3 gallon pail. I also wanted to
collect some northern milfoil and hornwort for a new tank.
Well on the way there, two dear came hurdling towards us, one big doe
hitting my door and injuring my arm, the other barely missing the boat. We
were going 60 miles per hour, so it was quite a loud bang. If that deer would
have jumped, as they often do when the come into contact with a car, it could
have gone through the window and killing my dad and I. If we would have
slowed down a bit it could have gone through the windshield, also reaking
havoc. The deer that hit us left 3 huge dents on my side of the van. The
dents were 4" deep, and mangled up the doors to the point that they are
useless. We counted our blessings, and went on.
We went on and fished anyways, after I called my stepdad to have him come
take the deer home. Right off the bat I caught a 10 1/2" yellow perch, and my
dad caught another nice perch. There were tons of bluegills. I collected lots
of milfoil, all had a lot of zebra mussles cligned to the stems. There was
also large colonies od sponges clinged to the plants. If I put the mussels in
my aquariums, would they be a nuisance, or would they just filter the water?
I also collected tons of emerald shiners, which I put back. I saw a 2"
darter, would that be a greenside? By the way, I live in southern Michigan. I
also collected some small chubs, but they usually get too agressive in my
aquariums. Thanks, and good luck this spring everyone! __Dan

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