NANFA-- Sunday collecting/fishing

R. W. Wolff (
Mon, 30 Apr 2001 10:11:39 -0500

Sunday I went west instead of east this time. I wanted to check out Puff
creek that I figured would be back to normal for water levels. It was ,but
the stream bottom had shifted and I had to get used to an entire different
approach. I managed to net some awesome rainbow darters, fantail darters,
blacksided darters, creek chubs, stone rollers, common shiners, and horny
head chubs. Not the diverisity that is usually in this tiny run, but maybe
most of the fish were down stream yet recouping from fighting flood waters.
I then stopped at hogans hole in the marsh. The same usual assortment there,
golden shiners, tadpole madtoms, central mudminnows, pumpkinseeds, and iowa
So near dark a friend and I went down to the river fishing. We had a blast ,
the fish hit non stop from the time we got there until 10 :30 when it was
just time to leave. We caught white bass, walleye, smallmouth bass, saugeye,
black crappie, and carp. The fish are under advisory , so they were all
released. I wondered though, if the fish are toxic so to speak , how much
better would be fishing if the river were clean again? I suspect that more
fish would be kept and maybe the catching would be slower. However, plenty
of people leaving with buckets of bass and stringers of walleye.

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