NANFA-- Re: 4/28 expedition report - Colochee and Upatoi Creeks, west

Doug Dame (
Mon, 30 Apr 2001 17:49:13 -0400

Steven Ellis wrote (presumably a side-note to me while he's composing the full "expedition notes" to post to the list !!! ) :

>> I really enjoyed hangin' out with you. Hope you made
>> it back okay. Sorry the stream I picked was in such
>> bad shape. Maybe we can hook up again on a
>> better one. Take care.

Hey, I enjoyed it !!!!

And no need to apologize for the streams, I met new people, saw new sites, tromped around in new water, and even brought back five new (to me) kinds of fishes. Observed some "field-craft" techniques to add to my repertoire.

And the weather was absolutely perfect.

And ... this is always a real convenience ... thankfully the vehicle didn't break down.

So as far as I'm concerned, I'm seven for seven on my personal objectives for the trip.

Plus, no live snakes were observed, so I'd guess we succeeded on one of Bruce's major objectives as well.

Since I was still feeling surprisingly good after the Upatoi, I headed home rather than overnighting in the area, and got there sometime after two. Not feeling quite so chipper by then, but arrived safely without incident.

Of the five kinds of fish I brought back:
(1) no question about the F. olivaceus (x 2)
(2) I'm 90% confident the fellers with the broad, (pale) black stripe of uniform width are Coastal Shiners
(3) Now that I can study them in the tank, the guys with the nice orange fins definitely seem to be redhorses. However, they don't seem to match up exactly with any of the pictures/maps in Peterson's, so I'm going to have to read the book much more thoroughly.
(4) the "pale minners with the hint of blue sheen above and below" have me stumped
(5) and I have one kinda skanky looking little black-striped minnow guy, with a "dog-leg crook" to his underside starting at the ventral. I'm calling him Egor, he kinda looks like that's what his relatives probably already call him.

Wish we'd caught more than the single F. notatus late in the day, and more madtoms, but heh, gotta leave something for the next time.

Doug Dame
Interlachen FL
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