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Terri Vance (
Wed, 02 Apr 2003 16:15:39 -0500

Many thanks again, Casper! Connie & you are "Southern Hospitality" at its

Casper is right...the darters were absolutely magnificent! Worth each &
every sore muscle (quite a few) & bruise (5 duzzies...ouch!) incurred while
collecting them! Still being fairly new to collecting, seeing breeding
darters in person was a wonderful 1st for me. Reflecting back, I was most
suprised by the size variation of the breeding males & can't help but wonder
if this is due to a difference in age (i.e. larger=elder specimens) or
environmental factors (i.e. larger specimens more successful vs. their
brethren in competition for resourses). BTW, when kept in optimal
conditions, just how long will darter spp. live in captivity?

I haven't edited the pics yet. Im keeping my fingers crossed that they come
out OK. The camera's new &, unfortunately, I forgot the manual at home
(major kick from myself to my big ol' backside!) & so had to wing it. As I
don't have a website, I'd be right grateful if any of y'all w/ one could
post any of the pics, assuming they turn out well, so that everyone can see

I remember Chris Scharpf's description of stoneroller tubercles & behavior
from the wonderful presentation he gave at last year's Potomac Valley
Aquarium Society's (PVAS) Fall Fish Festival, so I'm especially hoping that
the breeding male stoneroller pics come out!

As for the list of spp. collected:
Breeding darter spp. --
TN Snubnose
Stoneroller (including tubercled male)
Striped shiners
Either Blackspotted or Blackstriped topminnows
Centrarchid spp. --
Either Redbreast or Longear (or hybrid of the 2)
Cossa bass
Blacknose dace
Either Bluntnose or Bullhead minnow
Unknown sp. of shiner
Snails (~1", conical-shaped)
Asian clams

Casper will have to fill in the names of the 2 creeks we seined as
I failed to write them down (sorry...I tend to forget names I don't 1st
write down...most likely one of those left brain/right brain things ;-)

Thanks again, Casper, for leading the collecting trip & also for the loan of
the waders. Hopefully, next time it will be warm enough to forgo the waders
& do the snorkeling thing. All in all, an experience both enlightening &
loaded w/ fun!

Terri (VA)

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Subject: nanfa V1 #1599
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2003 21:16:20 EST
Subject: Re: NANFA-- t-shirt ordering info direct
...i did get to seine in a creek w/ a visitor, terri, where we saw stunning
breeding colored darters. 4 species: redline, tn snubs, rainbows and
speckleds. i may have taken you to this same creek. i
know dustin and dan visited last summer and we went there. very, very nice
urban stream minutes from my home. we also captured a few breeding
stonerollers and terri took some photos of them before releasing them.
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