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Jeffrey Fullerton (
Thu, 03 Apr 2003 12:29:21 -0500


I'm catching up on the NANFA list. I get the digest version so sometimes
I don't always read everything unless there a thread of particular

In regard to the laws in Germany It's great to be living here. Even if
Pa fishing licenses seen attrociously expensive in contrast to other
states- I can probably get a non-resident Maryland or Ohio license
cheeper than what I pay here and cheeper beyond a shadow of doubt than
what Ray Wolff or Mark Binkley would have to pay for the priviledge of
dipping a seine in our waters.

More likely Pennsylvania would be a staging area for my out of state
guests to make trips to more interesting places like the Jersey Pine
Barrens or Southern Maryland or North Carolina. I could show them some
of Greenlick's Rainbow Darters but I think that would bot be worth the
exorbitant fee for an out of state license.

This still pales in comparison to what I hear is the situation in
Germany and other European countries.

I met a guy once in my travels about the local area. He was at Cranberry
Glade Lake in Somerset Co with a bunch of kids he was hosting from
Germany. They were getting perhaps the only fishing experience of a
lifetime. The kids even got to fish for free because they were under 16.
No so in Germany. Something as simple as fishing over there requires a
special class to learn all the rules and such that costs something like
$500 dollars and likewise for hunting. Even more interesting I heard
that if you are hunting when you do go out you are acompanied by a 'game
warden' who even selects what you shoot and he gets to keep it for
himself. If that is true I pray Americans will never stand for anything
like that.

As for some of the common sense defying rules you mentioned- like legal
protection for naturalized exotics and fining people for dipping brine
shrimp or mosquito larvae - some states in the USA have some equally
absurd rules and even rules that are downright bizzare. Like it is
illegal to hunt whales in Arkansas and this one really takes the cake :
in Kansas you can take reptiles and amphibians will all manner of
devices and weapons. I learned of this in a "Field Guide to Herpetology
& the Law" which quoted the rule and had a photograph of a variety of
nets, traps, snares spears and firearms including an M-16 & AK-47
captioned : Legal Herp Collecting Equipment in Kansas!

Makes me wonder if they have open season on T-rex or Velociraptors!

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