NANFA-- Blanket Bans & Mussel Culture?

Jeffrey Fullerton (
Fri, 04 Apr 2003 18:40:56 -0500

I'm wondering- if literally taken - does that Ohio law prohibiting
posession of clams and mussels apply to non-indigenous species? Or even
saltwater clams and mussels in the seafood section at the local grocery

In the PA fishing regs it states (literally) "Reptiles & amphibians may
not be sold or offered for sale". Taken literally that could mean
California kingsnakes and leopard geckos but apparently the law is not
applied in that manner and is enforced only for natives.

As much as I complain about rules and regulations I do aknowledge that
collection of mussels for the asian pearl industry is a serious problem
for some populations. Still I wonder if there might not be a few species
that are not imperiled that could be candidates for aquaculture. If
commercial mass production were possible- it could help satisfy the
demand in a sustainable manner that would reduce pressure for poaching.

Failing that- there must be some other material that could be
substituted for the slugs of mussel shell that are used as "seeds" for
pearls in pearl culture farms in the far east. I'm assuming that's what
they are doing with them?

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