NANFA-- Fw: Swamp Fish Update

Michael Wolfe (
Fri, 4 Apr 2003 22:56:25 -0500

> Fishes of the Okefenokee alive and well in North Georgia...
> The ommata that Geoff captures and put in my cooler are doing well... all
> six came out from behind the java moss to attack live brine shrimp from
> LFS. THey has to attack and kind of shake their heads to tear the brine
> shrimp in half, but all of them at least tried... and seemed to succeed.
> Their tank mates (E. okefenokee) hunted the same brine with
> stalking individual brine shimp untill they were close enough to strike.
> put about half a dozen in the ten gallon with the ommata and theis evening
> saw at least four at one time... I beileve they are all OK but the tank is
> planted so heavily it is hard to tell.
> Hey Geoff, unfortunately only one of the really tiny fliers made the
> transport trip... and a couple were missing after their ride in the bucket
> with mr. pickerel... but that one is eating tiny flake and sinking pellets
> although he is so small that he is basically startled by the brine
> he continues to look more and more like a flier every day.
> All Fundulus are doing well... they eat anything and will compete for food
> with anything except a Enneacanthus which is probably a good decision.
> MWolfe
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