NANFA-- Eastern Dollars spawning, finally

R. W. Wolff (
Sat, 5 Apr 2003 23:02:31 -0600

A little background. I divide the specie ( Lepomis marginatus) of sunfish
commonly called the dollar sunfish into three different fish, since they
look distictive to me. Those on the Atlantic coast states are Easterns,
those from Florida's penninsula are Pennisulars, and those from the
Mississippi Valley are Westerns. Shades of interegrades are found on the
borders of these areas, from what I have seen.

Westerns have always been easy for me to get to spawn, at a small size (
silver dollar) and will spawn on top of eggs and fry in the nest, or dig a
nest along side of a nest with fry or eggs in it. Anyways, the easterns have
been a tough nut to crack. Why I don't know. I have a group in a fifty
gallon and the females have been ripe with eggs for several months, but the
males seemed incredulous to this. Finally the big male dug a pit a fe w days
ago, and then tonight a female granted him a spawning session. I tried to
get a video clip of this on my digi cam, but the lighting is so poor it did
not turn out. I am watching them still spawning over there as I type this.

Now to get the Pennisulars to go, and have a hat trick of dollars. If not,
I am sure they will oblige when I can finally move them outside to the ponds
for the warm months, if they ever come. Where the heck is this global
warming at? One day last week above normal, and then up to twenty some
degrees below normal the rest of the week and a light bit of snow yesterday.
How depressing.

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