Re: NANFA-- lamprey
Wed, 9 Apr 2003 12:27:30 EDT

i had always wanted to keep one when i first learned of them...
well you never see it so what is the point? they live in the ooze, or
attached to fish or spawn. they dont swim about.
and if it attaches to one of your prized fish no jumping up and down or
nashing of teeth will relieve the torment.
one of the coolest sites ive seen was in a small creek in ne miss after the
98 darterfest. in it were several small lampreys gathering and positioning
small rocks and gravel marking a long nest run. every once in awhile they
would twist up in a writhering mass and then go about gathering stones again.
pretty neat.
my first capture of a lamprey... ohio or chestnut... was while snorkling in a
local creek years ago. amazingly i was able to catch it in my hands after an
intense chase. i cornered it in a back water. boy was it slippery. i was able
to put the 12" beast in a pop bottle to get it home where i observed and id'd
it for several days. horrible porcelean looking rings of teeth.
i hear electro shockers will drive them out of the muck and silt.
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