Re: NANFA-- catawba worms
Tue, 15 Apr 2003 12:01:04 EDT

my yard is covered in them now. well these are striped yellow and black and
fuzzy but are not fat and wolly. many are dead and floating on my shaded pine
pool filled w/ starhead topminnows.
jamie is fishing them out today and we are gonna toss them in the big cement
pond later. i threw a live one in earlier today but they did not go after it
pronto. i had to leave and could not watch long. when it rains the earthworms
come out on the pool patio... now they nail those pronto. a feeding frenzy.
i visited a mountain stream this weekend near norris dam after morel hunting.
i was able to do a bit of snorkling too... first of the year. some picnicers
had trashed a site and i found a slice of bread and tossed it in. wow... the
minnows were like pirana. stripe shiners, black nose dace, stonerollers,
creek chubbs. i also saw large sculpine, a rainbow type darters male and
female and a sucker conglomeration unknown. big rounded anal fin. maybe white
suckers? anyway it was a pleasant first dip of the year. my new full body
wetsuit makes all the difference in comfort.
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