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Denkhaus, Robert (
Sat, 19 Apr 2003 15:41:36 -0500

One of the most often ignored but greatest problems caused by urban waterfowl,
which tend to be found in greater densities than "wild" waterfowl, is the
effect of their dabbling and swimming activities. Their constant movement in
the water causes a never-ending series of ripples which eventually reach shore
and cause erosion. This is a great problem in many urban Texas lakes and
elsewhere. Of course the erosion leads to water turbidity, increased
sedimentation, etc. and so affects the entire aquatic system. Their excessive
amounts of fecal material adds to an excess of nutrients in the water and
tremendous plant growth. They (geese in particular) tend to ignore aquatic
plants and choose to feed on the planted lawns adjacent to the water and add
their nutrients to that system while cropping new growth. They really are a
serious problem that require a multifaceted approach to the solution to
accomodate everyone.

Since tomorrow is Easter which is a traditional day where many otherwise
intelligent people acquire live ducklings/goslings please consider the birds
like you would a native fish and DO NOT RELEASE them in any body of water!

Rob Denkhaus
(Anticipating a number of calls to rescue ducks and geese in the next few
Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge
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