NANFA-- Big Creek Collecting Report (Ohio)

Ashton, Matthew J. (
Sat, 19 Apr 2003 18:39:09 -0400

So with this gorgeous Ohio weather and being on easter break I headed out to
one of the major tributaries of the Grand River (East Branch) in Ohio. I
believe you are all collecting there in May while im in Florida. Everything is
in amazing colors right now and full of eggs. I hadn't seen a more beautiful
Redsided Dace in my life until today. Fish were just everywhere. The prize
though were Darters. At first I swore they were Greensides as I just
haphazardly picked them out of the seine and tossed them into the bucket for
display. Then I started paying attention at some morphological traits and was
convinced they were Bandeds. DEEP Green Blue with oragane trim on the top of
the fins. It was the head and mouth structure that swung me though. The males
were brilliant. To say the females were gravid would be an understatement. I
also caught alot of YOY fish that looked to be ready to spawn. Finally under a
bridgewith rip rap on both sides i was bombarded by White Sucker. So thick
and large (up to a foot) that they were running into my waders as they tried
to escape. If any Ohioans plan on going this place is part of the geauga parks
district and has parking and access immediately adjacent to the bridge. I just
happen to be using a longer stretch because on the other side of the bridge
happens to be my girlfriends families property. Didnt get to seine as much as
I wanted and having a first timer we lost alot of fish.

Species List:
Redside Dace
Blacknose Dace
Creeck Chub
Banded Darter (im very sure about this but ill get a picture up)
Johnny Darter
White Sucker
Common Shiner
Bluntnose Minnow
At least one or two I couldnt tell off the top of my head
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