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> Ok, so even if you used 1/2" plywood (actually 15/32") then it would be
> close to
> 1.5 inches thick. But you said you have two pieces of glass, so why can't
> you
> use a vertical brace to join two pieces of plywood in the middle? You
> have a vertical brace in the middle of each of the long sides, and you
> use
> a top brace across them to tie the structure together. If you use two
> top
> braces equidistant between the middle and each end, then the whole affair
> could
> be built with 3/4 inch plywood. Alternatively, you could fashion an
> rim
> around the top of the tank with 2x4 or 2x6 lumber, which would add
> and
> eliminate the two extra braces. You would want to fasten the SHORT side
> the
> 2x (i.e. the 1.5 inch part) to the inside top rim. Not as elegant as your
> solution, but a helluva lot cheaper.
I'll have to do some drawings to visualize it but I am not going to use a
center brace for the glass. The glass has a 45 degree bevel around the edges and
I am going to slide the two pieces of glass together and use a silicone rubber
seam to seal between the two pieces of glass. there will only be a 24"
vertical expanse of glass so it should work well. I plan to use 3/8" plywood, maybe
marine grade if I can get a good deal locally. 3/8" is the most commonly used
thickness. Lots of marine plywood sold locally for the boat building market.
Lots of boats built in this area and building a plywood aquarium is kinda like
an inside out boat!

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